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This course is for absolute beginners. You will learn the fundamental movements in Bharatanatyam, called Adavus.

  • 10 adavus total                  
  • Hand gestures are introduced and explained.
  • feet positions and standing postures are introduced.


Natyarambham is a prerequisite for this course. The Nrityabhavana is where the students start learning their first dance pieces.

  • Enables the student to ingrain various motions from pre-made dances.
  • Introduction to Abhinaya, or expression, happens here.
  • The movements of various parts of the body, Angas and upangas are explained.  


This course is for advanced students. Sancharis focus on improvisation and imagination.

  • The forms of Padams and Varnams are explored by the student.
  • Padams are only acting pieces. Varnams would test a dancers stamina and expressive skills.

What Our customers say

A great institution to be part of. The teaching includes all the basics and background of Bharatnatyam. The teacher is very inspirational and is always ready to answer questions and explain. I am so proud to be part of this.

Brinda Naveen

We are very lucky to get such a talented teacher for my daughter, who has helped her with her guidance and been very patient with every student in her class.

Jessyos Ramesh